Tl;Dr: You can make a simple dashboard with Google Studio with only your top 3-4 KPIs in big letters and nothing else!

I kind of like and hate Google Analytics – on the one hand it’s free, full of features and can really help extract important data from digital projects so that you and your team can take action on. But on the other hand it is really complicated to use correctly and ends up confusing your team more than helping.

As a side note I once tried to use Piwik (now Matomo), an open source competitor to GA and failed because it was really almost a project in and of itself to maintain Piwik running properly.

Anyway, I recently discovered another Google tool which can use the data from Google Analytics called Google Studio. In it, you can create a simple custom dashboard with only the data you need. It has a nice WYSIWYG interface where you can create graphs of the data however you like. Great for making a team dashboard with only relevant KPIs instead of the usual billion pieces of information that GA gives you.

Finally, my dream of simple KPIs in real-time can become a reality for any project!

Check it out and comment below if you need help!

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