I have been getting deeper and deeper into Docker and must say I’m having fun. If you don’t know Docker, it basically makes it really easy to set up a server environment with very little effort.

Do you want Python with Flask and Django running on Ubuntu? Or maybe you need a NodeJS server with a MySQL backend? All these things would take a few hours to set up normally. And god forbid you would want to have multiple versions of Python running at the same time! The horror…

Well, with Docker you can. It’s a bit tricky to get started, but now I’ve go the hang of it, I can basically go through Github and play with so many new toys – JAVA, Python, Node, Nuxt, etc, etc The world is my Oyster 😉

My recent discovery is that my Raspberry pi 3 can run Docker. This is great as it has been gathering dust because I kept running into issues getting things running on it (low CPU power and RAM). Now I can just use Dockerfiles made for the pi!

If you also have a pi 3 – check out this tutorial (more like 2 lines of code in the terminal) to get docker up and running.

Got questions about Docker? Leave them below in the comments!

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