Summary: If you recently graduated, you’re in luck – you can find money. If not, you probably won’t get any government money. Experienced entrepreneurs looking to create a second, third, fourth business won’t get much help from the government in the early stages.

As the MVP guy, I’m always in good company of great ideas. Most can be bootstrapped into existence and disproven quickly (which is a good thing as you waste less of your life on them). But, sometimes, an idea comes along  that simply is too big to just bootstrap or it just needs too much capital to get to the right place at the right time. For this reason, being based in Berlin, one of the world’s startup capitals, I have lately been informing myself of funding opportunities available to startups in the city.

Having recently attended a workshop by BerlinenStrategen, a company that startups can hire to help strategise funding opportunities into their roadmaps, they showed this slide which I found particularly helpful:

Funding opportunities by stage of the startup in Berlin 2018

Funding opportunities by stage of the startup in Berlin 2018

It does not list all the programmes available, but gives an overview of the most well known. Interesting to note that there are not many funding programmes to start a company. Of the listed 3 programmes for very early stage, the 2 EXIST programmes are exclusively for those that have recently left University (within 5 years).

Some useful links for government money for very early stage startups in Berlin:

As you will see – you probably will not be qualified for any of these grants unless you are a recent graduate / Uni student or recently left employment.

Let me know in the comments if you know of more programmes. Surely Berlin you have more to offer!

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