If you want to store a very large amount of data in the cloud for a low cost or would just like to have complete control of your data, you should check out Nextcloud. It is an open source solution that does what Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud do for you, but on your terms and with a community of developers building cool stuff on top of it.

I have been using Owncloud, the pre-forked version of Nextcloud for a while now and think it works pretty good. I use it to backup offsite some important files (I also have an onsite backup). Remember to backup your stuff!!!

Anyway, all was well in Owncloud-land apart from one gruelling and annoying as hell bug – syncing the MacOS contacts app with the server contacts. Apple broke their contacts app, which only worked with proprietary solutions (like iCloud, Google, Microsoft) since El Capitain and have still not fixed it. People running their own data servers were left to find technical alternatives. Long story short, this has been an annoyance for me for years now. There is little documentation around so I thought I would share what works right now for me with the latest versions of the software of as-of-today:

The credentials below should work for these software versions:

  • Nextcloud 11.01 stable
  • Mac Contacts app 10.0
  • MacOS Sierra 10.12.2

Steps to get Nextcloud working with Mac Contact app working:

  1. Open your preferences in Mac > internet accounts
  2. Add a cardav account
  3. Input your data as follows:
    1. Username: username (without @domain.tld)
    2. Password: your nextcloud / owncloud password
    3. Server Address: yourdomain.tld:443 (add the port number for this to work!!)
    4. Server Path: /remote.php/carddav/principals/yourusername
    5. Port: 443
    6. [Check] Use SSL

If you use the above configuration it should work and you should not get the annoying error message. If you add this and are left staring at a blank contacts list, try to add groups / contacts in the mac app and that might nudge your contacts app back to life!

Good luck!


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